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Swansea Footings and Foundations Specialists

Here at Premier Groundworks Swansea our team are expert footing and foundation contractors skilled to construct all types of foundations and footings suitable for private residential projects as well as larger commercial, industrial type developments.

Our foundation contractors are adept at constructing footings and foundations for a simple house extension to a large scale industrial, commercial  or retail development. 

All our skilled team are fully qualified to industry standards and work to the tightest of health and safety guidelines ensuring each project completed to the highest of standards and professionalism. 

We specialise in the widest range of foundation construction including concrete footings, all forms of reinforced concrete work, underpinning and  piling.

Concrete Foundation Contractors Swansea

Our team of concrete foundation contractors serve domestic clients as well as those in the industrial and commercial sectors. During all our foundation projects we work very closely with a number of other services to ensure the work is done to the highest standards and is completed within the designated time. These services include architects, local building inspectors and structural engineers.

Reinforced concrete foundations

Reinforced concrete foundations are important in providing a strong supportive base for all buildings and structures. To install a new concrete foundation is generally a straightforward project. The process begins with excavating and creating concrete footings. From here we install the steel bars, rods or mesh following the appointed structural engineers’ design plan. Once the steels have been installed inspected and approved by the local building inspector we then pour and lay the concrete to complete the foundation. On completion we will also provide our clients and building inspector with a copy of the structural engineers’ design of the concrete foundation

As a leading foundation Swansea company with fully insured, experienced and professional installation contractors, you can rest assured that your project will be done to the highest of professional standards and workmanship, 


Concrete Footings Contractors Swansea

Footings are a crucial and integral part of any type of foundation construction. Their primary purpose is to support concrete foundations and prevent structures from unevenly settling (resulting in cracks appearing in the foundations, roof and walls) or even worse sinking into the ground. 
Footings typically comprise of concrete being poured into an excavated trench, containing steel rebar reinforcement,  
Due to the importance of footings for all kinds of buildings and structures, it goes without saying that footing construction should be left to qualified and professional concrete footing contractors to advise on essential aspects such as footing depth, width, positioning and also the condition of the soil. Footing dimensions vary from project to project and are mainly determined by the type and and size of the structure/building being developed.
Concrete Foundation contractor Swansea raking freshly poured concrete across steel rebars on housing development
Construction footings contractor constructing new footing with shuttering in readiness for foundation on site in Swansea